Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Insurance to protect your family

Secure your family’s future through a specifically designed insurance program. The funds from a life insurance policy can be used to pay off your mortgage, college education, outstanding medical bills, as well as help you maintain your lifestyle. We have experience tailoring plans that will fit the needs of you and your family, and we offer a variety of options, which include:

Universal life insurance

Universal life plans provide insurance protection combined with a savings element to the policy. Universal life coverage can last for your lifetime and build cash value that you can borrow against while you’re alive.

Term life insurance

Term life policies offer maximum protection at affordable cost. Protection is for a specific time period, with ranges from 10-30 years. Premiums remain level for the policy term. Term life insurance is a cost-effective plan to protect your family and those you leave behind as long as the policy remains active.

Whole life insurance

Whole life insurance provides protection from the start of the policy until the insured passes on. Premiums are level for the life of the policy. There is a cash value within whole life policies. This type of policy is ideal to protect your family with a guaranteed premium.


These solutions are money paid that can grow tax free and can be used in retirement. An annuity is set up to pay out a regular fixed payment to an individual, and these products can be used as an income stream for retirees. An annuity is a contract issued and distributed by financial institutions that invest funds from individuals.

Buy/sell agreement

Proceeds from a buy/sell agreement can be used to help continue the business and minimize hardship in the case of an untimely death of an owner or partner.

Get a policy that fits your family

The Wolf Insurance team is here to help create a plan for you and your family with a life insurance policy that fits your budget and provides the necessary protection for your family in the future.

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