Business Catastrophe Insurance

Business Catastrophe Insurance

Added protection to secure your investment

A business is an investment, and if you’re a small business, that investment represents your livelihood. Beyond that, a business is responsible to its employees and their families too. Considering this, a business catastrophe insurance plan (sometimes considered business umbrella insurance) can safeguard your company’s future. No one wants or expects to face a catastrophic claim or lawsuit against their business, but if that day comes, your business can be sheltered against any serious harm.

Why do I need business catastrophe insurance?

We’re all human, and mistakes happen. Unfortunately, some mistakes are larger than others, and the cost of those mistakes can be larger too. Whether someone is hurt by one of your products, injured on your company’s premises or in an auto accident caused by one of your drivers, a major claim against your business can cause hardships. For these reasons, a business catastrophe insurance plan can protect your business where your other policies fall short.

What are my coverage limits?

Wolf Insurance works with insurance carriers that provide extra protection for your business with catastrophe insurance with limits up to $1 million.

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